Anthony Brimacombe

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Anthony (aka @BrimAndTonic) is mainly on Twitter and does his absolute best to avoid Instagram if at all possible!

Born and raised in Kent, the early forays into alcohol mainly revolved around the beers and ciders produced in The Garden of England. Having then moved into London in his twenties, wine became the main area of interest for many years.

Although he relocated to Bristol (where he still lives) in the nineties, his career meant that he continued to work and live (throughout the working week) in numerous locations including Bristol (very occasionally), London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Knutsford.

It was during the stint in Knutsford that his gin loving colleagues ignited the inner juniper-loving spark that had been hidden for so long… this was only in 2016! Anthony has been making up for all of those non-gin drinking years with "extreme enthusiasm".

Later that same year, his then boss took him and a couple of other colleagues out for an evening meal and a "couple of nightcaps"... in Duke's Hotel (where the boss is well known to the one and only Alessandro Palazzi). If your first Martini is a Dukes' Martini, you're going to end up being a founder member of the UK Martini Club.