Martini Monday (1 Feb 2021)

Julian Vallis
Monday, February 01, 2021

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Palate Magazine

Dry January is behind us but the Covid winter of discontent rumbles on. Whilst bars remain closed we all need inspiration for lockdown libations. On Palate Magazine, Julian Vallis walks through the ultimate three Martini lunch in the form of an imaginary tale, which celebrates both hospitality and the majesty of this timeless cocktail, complete with recipes and food matching ideas.

Read the article here.

Vestal Pomorze 2013 Vodka Martini

Meanwhile at 6pm, Martini Club joined Willy Borrell on Instagram live to see him crack open a 1950's Russian vodka in a Vodka Martini, which we joined by drinking a Vestal Pomorze 2013, using Pomorze potatoes from his farm in Poland, and one of the most indulging, savoury and spicy potato vodkas we've ever enjoyed.

Watch the Instagram Live video here.