Julian Vallis

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Julian Vallis is a serious cocktail nerd, alongside his other half, Sandra Lim based in London and can be found on Instagram and Twitter. Together, they’ve been tasting some of the best spirits and liqueurs as well as dwelling at some of the best bars around the world since 2010. They have an unorthodox history of being discerning punters having been taught by the fabulous Sarah Mitchell and Adam Smithson at the Juniper Society at Graphic Bar (the first ever ‘Meet the Maker’ gin sessions), and got into making cocktails after a Bombay Sapphire Masterclass organised by Sam Carter at the Rib Room during the Queen’s Jubilee.

For the next decade, Julian and Sandra learned about cocktails, their history and making them at home with reference from watching and discussing with bartenders and has been an integral part of the gin sphere within the UK, and is now professional working with bars and distillers to promote gin, vodka and vermouth in particular.

In 2020, Julian started Martini Club with Anthony Brimacombe and Sandra Lim, to create a social club for Martini drinkers to discover all the variations and new and interesting ways in which Martinis can be presented with the aim of creating more Martini drinkers. Martini drinkers in turn are more discerning drinkers also drinking a wide array of cocktails and a deep appreciation of the spirits.

In 2021, Julian also trademarked and organised World Martini Day in an effort to get the industry to promote Martinis both in bars and at home to create more noise about Martinis. In the process he also commissions a limited edition spirit from a chosen distiller to create an annual World Martini Day spirit, with the sole purpose of being collectible, something tangible to enjoy the day with and also introduce innovation in spirits with a unique 'what-if?'.

Julian judges for several competitions, in particular the Gin Guide Awards and a professional judge for People's Choice Spirits Awards, as well as being an official supporter for International Scottish Gin Day. He further runs the company behind Martini Club & World Martini Day, Barspoon ltd to sell and offer spirits for these two brands and also works with a distiller every year to release the World Martini Day spirit, a limited release collectors spirit to provide Martini drinkers something tangible to enjoy on the day to celebrate their favourite drink and also writes occasional articles as well where his opinion and insight is sought.

Julian is also fully WSET L2 Spirits qualified having passed with distinction and is undertaking his L3 Spirits.